Visit Montreal and enjoy the Formula 1 Grand Prix event


Are you a fan of burning rubber and breakneck speeds? If yes, then you should visit the Canadian city of Montreal this June, which will host one of the annual Formula 1 races and events. The Montreal Formula 1 event is an occasion which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists, both local and foreign, to this beautiful city. Every June, Montreal is filled with excited natives and tourists, who want to fully experience the excitement and thrill of one of the most popular racing events in the world.

A melting pot of cultures

22nfdfjWhen it comes to the city itself, there is hardly a better place to host such a magnificent event. Montreal is a Canadian city, located very closely to the Canadian-U.S. border, one that takes a lot of pride in being the melting pot of a plethora of various cultures and ethnicities. Of course, the most dominant culture in Montreal is the French culture, as well as the French language. The city itself, and its infrastructural design is very reminiscent of the main French cities, like Paris or Lyon. Its architecture, a plethora of beautiful bars and excellent restaurants, as well as a great nightlife, are more than enough reasons for people to come and visit this city. Also, there are plenty of beautiful historical landmarks and sites, as well. As a tourist destination, Montreal can offer something to any visitor, regardless of his/her age or interest.

The Grand Prix

Being in June in the City’s downtown will give you an incredible opportunity to get easy access to all Montreal Grand Prix events. You can witness the races, as well as the celebrations, and enjoy everything else Montreal has to offer, from the underground city and beautiful museums to great shopping. During the weekend, you can choose to go down the Crescent Street, which is a pedestrian street only and seize an opportunity to see and take pictures of race cars, which are parked there for everyone to see them and enjoy the view.

If you plan on visiting the Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit, remember not to take your car, since you will not be able to park it there, as there are no parking spots in that area. You can easily reach it by metro or on foot, though.

The Gilles-Villeneuve circuit

This famous circuit bears the name of one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in history. Gilles Villeneuve was a native of Montreal and one of the biggest icons of the sport in the 1980’s. Until 1982, this circuit was known as the Notre-Dame Circuit. It bore that name because the circuit is situated on a man-made island of the same name, which is known in English as the Notre Dame Island. The island itself is situated at Parc Jean Drapeau in the St. Lawrence River.

The features of the circuit

33 cmnThe length of the circuit is 2.71 miles, and it has 13 turns. A few years ago, the circuit was modified, to host Nascar races, as well. In the Formula 1 championship, it is regarded as one of the most challenging and complex tracks, due to some tricky barriers. The track is so infamous for its complexity and difficulty that one of its walls is more commonly known as “The Wall of Champions.”

Besides hosting the Formula 1 race, the circuit is also open for visitors, who can engage in cycling, rollerblade, walking, running or driving between the events.