Reasons Why You Need A Guide On Your Dream Adventure

3r4t5y6ytrtheGoing for an adventure means much more than just booking a hotel room and securing a return air ticket. There are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of to ensure a smooth sailing and memorable adventure. These include identifying venues and activities to enjoy, making necessary arrangements as regards the vital equipment, and drawing up an adventure schedule. However, no matter how well you’re prepared, the truth is that you’ll never fully enjoy your adventure without the input of a tour guide.

Forget about the long time embedded industry norms such as waking up early to accomplish this and that or to catch a great view of this or that. Quite often, this doesn’t just work. Well, some people might reason that enlisting the services of a tour guide isn’t necessary because it’s just an unnecessary additional expense. This might be true for others but never place your bet on it. Here are some top reasons why you need a guide as explained by Malik Adventure.

Sit back, relax and let your money do the work

This is probably the number one reason for hiring a guide. Whether you are well versed with the terrain or adventuring for the first time, it pays twice fold to have someone knowledgeable explain everything other than referring to a guide book. You can also just relax and leave everything including the planning of your itinerary to a professional guide. Additionally, you have the option of tuning your adventure to suit your needs, likes, and preferences. An expert guide has up-to-date information on exciting activities, attractions, and dangers that you might be exposed to. Such information might not be available online or maybe altogether outdated.

Saves time and guarantees unforgettable experience

Time is money and ones wasted can never be recovered. If you’ve only one or two weeks to spend adventuring, surely you don’t need to waste a minute. A skilled and professional guide who knows and understands the terrain can guide you so as to get the most out of your adventure. A skilled and experienced guide can figure out exactly what attractions are best for you. Additionally, most guides know where and when to stop when danger approaches. You’ll waste valuable time if you set out to unknown terrain – (possibly with some measure of risks) unaided.

Most likely, before you know it, you’ll be deep in the woods with no clue of what to do, where to go, or even how to retrace your footing backward. Not hiring a guide can translate to having nothing to tell fellow adventures in the evening as you warm yourself by the bone fire and as they chat their hearts out. There might be no big difference between you and your buddy back in the city. You never got to the pick of the mountain, everybody did that, you just heard about a fussy Rhino that momentarily chased some adventures…. and so on and so forth.4e5rytugjhfgdsr

Safety, safety, safety

Most guides are licensed. This is an undisputed assurance that a guide is properly trained. Of course, this fact should make any adventurer feel secure and rest assured that he’s in good hands. An expert guide is familiar with the roads, safe shortcuts, traffic regulations, and most scenic. You’ll neither get lost nor risk getting entering border areas. A skilled guide knows how to maneuver even the toughest and stubborn terrain from ice-capped mountain to desert areas.

How To Book an Amazing Cheap Vacation Package


Savvy travelers are well aware that successful vacation-planning involves things like traveling in the off-season as well as online comparison shopping. With such knowledge, planning a vacation can be fun just as taking it. But there are times when you just want someone else to do all that work for you. Because, sorting through hotels, flights, and itineraries can be a daunting task when you’re running a tight schedule and at the same time want to make a last minute effort to secure a vacation. How to book an amazing cheap vacation package at the last minute.

How to book a vacation at the last minute

Be a little bit flexible on destination

fdgfdgdfgdgdfgMost people are never flexible with their choice of accommodation. However, if you’re a little bit flexible and open to several destinations, even in the last minute rush you can still get a cheap vacation package. It is recommended that either you choose an activity that you’re interested in or choose general destinations and then look for vacation packages that suit this general criterion. Believe it or not, being flexible in place helps you to get a better deal.

Book last minute

The best last minute vacation deals are always the last minute trips. However, you need to plan early but book last minute. Indeed, planning a vacation in only two weeks might sound scary, but you can pick the dates now and choose the destination later on.

Be flexible with time

Just like with destination, if you’re flexible with time you are going to get better deals. “Time” here takes into account your traveling days, duration of your vacation, and time of day for your flights. The more flexible you are, the cheaper the vacation package you’ll get.

Be Flexible on Amenities

Ideally, most vacation packages include flights and accommodation. Some few also include airport transfers, admission fees to nearby attraction sites, and so on. It pays handsomely to be flexible on your amenities choice. Maybe, you can opt not to use airport transfers, accommodations and instead seek cheaper options.

Extend your dates

gfdgfdgfdgfdgdfQuite often, vacation packages do have certain numbers or dates set in stone. For instance, a long weekend package may begin on a Friday and last on Monday. Don’t you ever feel confined or tied up to these dates? Some the vacation packages does allow patrons to extend their visitation dates for additional dollars. But, should they reject your request to extend your trip, why not consider finding an alternative way home.

Travel from the major airport hub

Unknown to many travelers is the fact that they can get the best vacation prices at the major airport hubs. Some companies can only let you book from any of such hubs. While some other companies will put a surcharge of you’re traveling from smaller airports. If you detect that a surcharge has been added, why not consider booking the same flight separately? But first, check if you can get a better deal on your own. Be forewarned that should something go wrong with your first flight, you may be left to sort out yourself. So, buy travel insurance or plan to arrive a bit early.

How to choose a perfect destination for your next fly fishing trip


Fishing is a fun activity especially if you do it with your friends and family in a new place. It could be very exciting as you explore the area together and hunt for various types of fish. You might even discover new species. That would be amazing!

However, before you can enjoy all these, it is essential that you choose a destination for your next fishing trip. In fact, this is the number one step that you need to take when planning for a fishing travel. You can check out the best fly fishing holiday destination and choose one that appeals to you the most.

Choosing the perfect fly fishing destination

hdhjd784This could be a challenging task especially if you have a few people coming with you and each of them has suggestions. What you need to do is to sit with them and decide which place is the best. This way, you can make a final choice.

Here are some useful tips that can help you decide on which place to go next:

Within the state or out of the country

First of all, you and your group have to decide if you would like to go just within the state or if you want to go fly fishing in a different country. If you decide to go outside the country, then you might want to consider to go to Yukon, which is one of the best fly fishing holiday destinations of all time.

Specific type of fish

Another consideration that you have to make is the specific type of fish that you are looking for. If you are in search of a certain species, then you really have to do your homework. You have to research on which places you can find the fish that you would like to catch. But if you and your colleagues are not looking for something in particular, then you can settle for a place that all of you are interested in.


The weather

When you go fly fishing, you also have to consider the season or the weather in the place where you are heading to. This will help you do the proper planning especially when it comes to the stuff that you have to take with you.

Your accommodation

Most people who go fishing want to camp at the same time. Make sure, though, that everyone in your group is into this. Otherwise, you will have to book a cottage or a hotel that is close to the fishing spot.

Top Reasons To Consider The Best Backpacking Chairs


While planning to go for a hike or camping out, it is desirable to include a backpacking chair which will significantly enhance your trip. Most people are afraid of adding an extra load to their backpack which they have to carry on their back. However, choosing such a chair well will add an insignificant weight and mass to your backpack. For Backpacking purposes, designer manufacturers have designed fantastic models which will suit all your sitting needs while in the bush. So, what are the reasons to consider only the best?

Reasons to consider the best backpacking chairs

They are light

fdgdgfgfdgdfgWell, this is what every person is looking for. A light chair which will not be a burden when added to the backpack. Most designers have ensured they use light metal frames like aluminum and a light canvas. Such a combination can never disappoint for anyone looking for a light chair to move around with.

They are strong

The best chairs do not compromise on strength even though manufacturers are required to design very light chairs. The frames and ergonomics determine the strength of such any backpacking chairs. Those that are on the top of the list are structured using the best physics techniques where the metal frames support each other. The canvas for sitting and leaning are robust enough to hold any weight comfortably.

They are comfortable

The ergonomics of the backpacking chairs determine the comfort one will get. Some of them include padded back, and headrest which allows people to enjoy fully even though they are in the bush. The Polyester fabric further enhances the comfort. Some recline well for great relaxation as people wind down in the wilderness.

Great enhancing accessories

Some chairs are made to with a cup holder on the arm or a porch to keep cameras, binoculars and a book at the back. While none of these add any mass or weight, they increase the value to the chair as one can enjoy a drink comfortably. Such enhancements are only found on in top rated backpacking chairs. The reviewing websites do provide further information such chairs.

Provide value for money

dsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfNot many products can provide value for money. However, the best backpacking chairs do. Their design, weight, comfort and durability is a blend of qualities not many products can provide. When one chooses the best, they will enjoy the best value for money ever.

The above reasons show that you also need one chair like this before heading to the next backpacking trip like camping and hiking.

Tips for first time international travelers


Are you planning on traveling abroad for the first time? Going on your first international trip can be fun and also intimidating. As you get ready to get out of your comfort zone and travel into unknown territories far away from the comfort of your home and enjoy other delicacies and experience new cultures, a few minor mistakes can be a spoilsport in your first international trip.However do not let these mistakes jeopardize your spirits, just get your luggage ready and ensure that you keep the following tips in mind on your first international trip.

Scan your passport and other vital documents

Everyone hopes that their first trip to another country will bftrcgvgbhjkjle a fruitful and hassle-free one, but this is not always the case.Things may not go as planned and it is because of this that you must prepare well for your trip. If unfortunately, you lose your passport while on holiday, you would want to have a guarantee that you will be back home or prove your citizenship. In order to avoid any inconvenience it is advisable that you create copies of your passport in paper form and also electronically through avenues like Google drive and cloud for additional backup. Ensure you also mail a copy to a trusted friend or a family member. This precautions will assure you that you will find a way back to your country even if things go wrong.

Have local money

You should be aware that not each country accepts cashless transactions at all levels. Because of this issue, ensure that you change your cash into the currency of your host country. Even though you might possess credit and debit cards, it is wise to have a small amount of cash with you. A lot of local markets and public transportation prefer their payment to be in cash form rather than credit cards.

Have travelers insurance

Many people do realize the importance of travel insurance until they get involved in an accident. Accidents can occur anywhere, so it is advisable that you invest in a travel plan that provides you with coverage while traveling internationally.

Separate your cash

rtftyvbhnklmkgfgA key strategy to keep your cash safe is to separate your money. Do not keep all your credit cards and travel documents in a single place. Separate your money and keep some in your wallet, some in your luggage and some with your travel partner. In addition, keep some of your credit cards in an alternative space in your wallet and others in your luggage. By doing this, you will be guaranteed of having some money even if you run into a problem or emergency.

How to choose a travel agent

Planning a vacation usually demands a lot effort and dedication especially if airfare is included. Acquiring air tickets, hotel booking, and planning vacation activities can be hard tasks to handle. It is because of this tasks that people opt to seek the services of travel agents to assist in planning their holidays. Travel agents come in handy for individuals who prefer to just enjoy the vacation to the fullest without worrying about all the details beforehand. If you have been thinking about getting a travel agent to help you in planning your vacation then below are some tips to guide you in finding the right travel agent:


A key factor to look at when choosing a travel agent is the experience they have in the travel industry. With time agents develop good relationships with other companies in the industry. Because of this great relationships they usually get special deals on airfare, hotels, and some other reservations or tickets that you might be in need of during your vacation. Travel agents can be of help to you in getting better bargains in your holiday residence. Keep in mind you have to pay for this services, but it will be money well spent.

Ensure that they are licensed

Before settling on any travel agency, it is important to ensure that they are properly licensed and certified. However, you should be aware that even with the appropriate certifications, you cannot be sure that you will get the best price or excellent service. All you are assured of is that the individual is legally authorized to offer you travel services.

Know what you want

Before you beginĀ finding a travel agent, you should be aware of exactly what you are after. Come up with an outline of your trip. Decide on where you would like to go, how you would like to get there, and for how long you would like your trip to last. Ensure you include your budget in the outline because the cost of a trip can vary according to your plans and available finances.

Make a follow-up

Once you have finally found your preferred travel agent, and they have planned everything for you, it is vital that you make a follow-up. Ensure you have all the essential paperwork to enter various countries. Inquire if you need immunizations, confirm your reservations and check if there are any hidden fees charged by the hotel or airline.